Administrative Dates & Deadlines

Please note that all deadlines listed officially end at 11:59 PM in the IAU office in Paris, France (GMT+1). 


Sep 1 -
Feb 28
Abstracts and Grant Submission Open for the General Assembly - Submitters are automatically pre-registered at the early-bird fee
Sep 15 DEADLINE for Letters of Intent (LOI) for 2022 Symposia
Sep 15 National Members are Invited to submit candidatures for Honorary Members
Sep 30 Letters of Intent Published
Oct 1 IAU Individual and Junior Membership Application Process Opens
Nov 1 DEADLINE for Letters of Intent to Host the IAU General Assembly in 2027 to Reach the General Secretary
Nov 15 DEADLINE for Submission of Resolutions with Financial Implications
Nov 15 DEADLINE for Submissions of Motions to Amend the Statutes and Bye-Laws to be Submitted to the General Secretary
Dec 1 DEADLINE for Submission of Full Proposals for 2022 Symposia
Dec 15 Draft Budget to be Distributed by the EC to the National Members
Dec 15 DEADLINE for Nominations for the Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize
Dec 15 DEADLINE for Applications for National Membership
Dec 15 DEADLINE for PhD Prize Application Submission
Dec 15 DEADLINE to Accept Individual and Junior Membership Applications (from the applicants)
Dec 15 The Budget Committee shall submit, following consultation with the Offices and other relevant stakeholders as needed, a preliminary draft of the budget for the next triennium to the Finance Committee for review
Dec 16 PhD Prize Application Submission Opens for Next Year
Dec 16 Opening for Nominations for the Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize for Next Year


Jan 1 DEADLINE for Items Submitted to go on the OM Agenda
Jan 8 DEADLINE for Commission Organizing Committees to submit to parent Divisions/s a report on their activities along with recommendation as to whether the Commissions should be continued for another three years, or merged with one or more other Commissions, or discontinued. WGs and Divisions should also supply tri-annual reports.
Jan 31 DEADLINE for Early-Bird Registration for the General Assembly


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