IAU Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of these meetings will be postponed. New meeting dates to be posted shortly.

IAUS360 - POSTPONED to March 22nd-26th 2021

IAUS361 - POSTPONED to May 3rd-7th, 2021

IAUS362 - POSTPONED to June 7th-11th, 2021

IAUS363- POSTPONED to June 13th-18th, 2021

IAUS364 - Multi-scale (time and mass) Dynamics of Space Objects - POSTPONED to 2021

IAUS365 - Dynamics of Solar and Stellar Convection Zones and Atmospheres - POSTPONED

IAUS366 - The Origin of Outflows in Evolved Stars - POSTPONED

IAUS367 - New dates: 8-12 December, 2020 (Virtual Meeting)


Oct 5 -
Oct 9
Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society - VIRTUAL MEETING Virtual Meeting
Oct 6 -
Oct 9
2nd Shaw–IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education - VIRTUAL MEETING Virtual Meeting
Nov 10 -
Nov 12
MEARIM 2020 Fifth Middle-East and Africa Regional IAU Meeting - VIRTUAL MEETING Virtual Meeting
Dec 8 -
Dec 12
IAUS 367 Education and Heritage in the Era of Big Data in Astronomy. The first steps on the IAU 2020–2030 Strategic Plan - VIRTUAL MEETING Virtual Meeting


Feb 8 -
Feb 12
CAP 2021 CAP Conference: Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2021 - VIRTUAL MEETING Virtual Meeting
Mar 22 -
Mar 26
IAUS 360 Astronomical Polarimetry — New Era of Multi-Wavelength Polarimetry - POSTPONED TO March 22nd-26th 2021 Hiroshima
May 3 -
May 7
IAUS 361 Massive Stars Near & Far Ballyconnell, Cavan
Jun 7 -
Jun 11
IAUS 362 Predictive Power of Computational Astrophysics as a Discovery Tool Chamonix
Jun 13 -
Jun 18
IAUS 363 Neutron Star Astrophysics at the Crossroads: Magnetars and the Multimessenger Revolution L'Aquila
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
XXXI IAU General Assembly Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM 1 Physics of Relativistic Jets on all Scales Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM 10 Synergy Of Small Telescopes And Large Surveys For Solar System And Exoplanetary Bodies Research Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM11 The Astronomical Symposium in the 21st Century Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 18
FM 2 Towards a World Standard for Dark and Quiet Sky Protection Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM 3 Consensus Cosmic Shear in the 2020s Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM 5 Beyond the Goldilocks zone: the Effect of Stellar Magnetic Activity on Exoplanet Habitability Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM 7 Astrometry for 21st Century Astronomy Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 27
FM 9 Stellar Synthetic Spectra To Study Stellar Populations In The Gaia Era Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 19
IAUS 369 The dawn of cosmology & multi-messenger studies with fast radio bursts Busan
Korea, Rep of
Aug 16 -
Aug 20
IAUS 370 Winds of stars and exoplanets Busan
Korea, Rep of


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