Letters of Intent received in 2021

Non-GA Symposia

LoI 2023-2137

Title Astrochemistry VIII: From the First Galaxies to the Formation of Habitable Worlds
Location Traverse City, MI
Country United States
Dates 19 June 2023 to 23 June 2023
Contact Edwin Bergin (ebergin@umich.edu)

LoI 2023-2149

Title Black hole winds at all scales
Location Haifa
Country Israel
Dates 13 March 2023 to 17 March 2023
Contact Gabriele Bruni (gabriele.bruni@inaf.it)

LoI 2023-2141

Title Astrobiology 2023
Location Quito, Ecuador
Country France
Dates 21 August 2023 to 27 August 2023
Contact Hervé Cottin (herve.cottin@lisa.u-pec.fr)

LoI 2023-2143

Title Non-GA Symposium: Astrobiology and Society
Location Cyprus Space Centre, Nicosia
Country Cyprus
Dates 13 March 2023 to 17 March 2023
Contact George A Danos (george@space.org.cy)

LoI 2023-2139

Title Planetary Nebulae: a Universal Toolbox in the Era of Precision Astrophysics
Location Krakow
Country Poland
Dates 19 June 2023 to 23 June 2023
Contact Orsola De Marco (orsola.demarco@mq.edu.au)

LoI 2023-2156

Title Stellar Rotation - The Portrait Revealed by Space Missions and Ground Based Surveys
Location Natal
Country Brazil
Dates 4 December 2023 to 8 December 2023
Contact José Renan De Medeiros (renan@fisica.ufrn.br)

LoI 2023-2154

Title Spectrophotometric Calibration for Large Telescopes in Space and on Earth
Location TBD
Country United States
Dates 6 March 2023 to 10 March 2023
Contact Susana Deustua (sedeustua@gmail.com)

LoI 2023-2140

Title Dynamical Masses of Local Group Galaxies
Location Telegrafenberg - Potsdam
Country Germany
Dates 21 March 2023 to 25 March 2023
Contact Francois Hammer (francois.hammer@obspm.fr)

LoI 2023-2150

Title Black holes: From the first stars to Supermassive black holes in the first quasars
Location Melbourne
Country Australia
Dates 13 February 2023 to 17 February 2023
Contact Alexander Heger (alexander.heger@monash.edu)

LoI 2023-2146

Title Cosmic Masers: Proper Motion toward the Next-Generation Large Projects
Location Kagoshima
Country Japan
Dates 20 March 2023 to 24 March 2023
Contact Tomoya HIROTA (tomoya.hirota@nao.ac.jp)

LoI 2023-2136

Title Complex Planetary Systems II
Location Namur
Country Belgium
Dates 3 July 2023 to 8 July 2023
Contact Anne Lemaitre (anne.lemaitre@unamur.be)

LoI 2023-2155

Title Linking near- and far-field galaxy formation with precise ages of stars and stellar populations
Location Bologna
Country Italy
Dates 5 June 2023 to 9 June 2023
Contact Andrea Miglio (andrea.miglio@unibo.it)

LoI 2023-2151

Title From The Universe Back To Earth: Developing Astronomy To Meet Today’s Natural Challenges
Location Campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, West Java
Country Indonesia
Dates 3 July 2023 to 8 July 2023
Contact Premana Premadi (premadi@as.itb.ac.id)

LoI 2023-2157

Title Era of Big data and large survey: variable stars research challenges and opportunities
Location Cataract Pyramids Resort Hotel, Giza, Egypt
Country Egypt
Dates 20 November 2023 to 24 November 2023
Contact Somaya Saad (saadmhsaad@gmail.com)

LoI 2023-2138

Title Non-GA Symposium: Active Galaxies and Quasar Reference Systems in the Gaia era
Location Paris
Country France
Dates 21 June 2023 to 26 June 2023
Contact Nathan Secrest (nathansecrest@msn.com)

LoI 2023-2142

Title Strong gravitational lensing in the era of Big Data
Location Apulia / Puglia
Country Italy
Dates 19 June 2023 to 23 June 2023
Contact Hannah Stacey (hannahrstacey@gmail.com)

LoI 2023-2152

Title Dark sky and astronomical heritage in boosting astro-tourism around the globe
Location Addis Ababa
Country Ethiopia
Dates 15 November 2023 to 19 November 2023
Contact Solomon Belay Tessema (tessemabelay@gmail.com)

LoI 2023-2148

Title Title: Piecing toghether the Milky Way: towards a holistic view on our Galaxy
Location Tenerife
Country Spain
Dates 28 February 2023 to 3 March 2023
Contact Guillaume Thomas (guillaume.thomas@iac.es)

LoI 2023-2153

Title Extragalactic Jets on all Scales - Modeling & Observations
Location Pune
Country India
Dates 4 December 2023 to 8 December 2023
Contact Bhargav Vaidya (bvaidya@iiti.ac.in)

LoI 2023-2144

Title Linking planet formation theory with planet forming disk observations
Location Leiden
Country Netherlands
Dates 12 June 2023 to 16 June 2023
Contact Nienke van der Marel (astro@nienkevandermarel.com)

LoI 2023-2145

Title Stellar magnetic fields from protostars to supernovae
Location Montreal
Country Canada
Dates 2 July 2023 to 8 July 2023
Contact Gregg Wade (wade.gregg@queensu.ca)

LoI 2023-2147

Title Astronomy and Satellite Constellations: Pathways Forward
Location Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands
Country Spain
Dates 2 October 2023 to 6 October 2023
Contact Constance Walker (connie.walker@noirlab.edu)


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