Resolutions Committee

From the IAU Working Rules:


16. The Resolutions Committee consists of at least three members of the Union, one of whom should be a member of the Executive Committee, and one of whom should be a continuing member from the previous triennium. It is appointed by the General Assembly during its final session and remains in office until the end of the following General Assembly.


Sergei A. Klioner

Technische Universität Dresden
Lohrmann Observatory
Mommsenstr 13
01062 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 4633 2821
Email: SergeiKlionertu-dresdende
Personal website:
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Germany

Last updated:
March 25, 2021


Katia Cunha

Observatorio Nacional
R. Gal. Jose Cristino 77
São Cristóvão
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20921-400
Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Phone: +55 21 580 7181
Fax: +55 21 580 7181
Email: kcunhaonbr
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Brazil

Last updated:
February 14, 2019



National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Public Relation Center
2-21-1 Osawa
Tokyo 181-8588

Phone: +81 42 234 3613
Fax: +81 42 234 3810
Email: ToshioFukushimanaoacjp
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Japan

Last updated:
February 19, 2019


Claus Leitherer

Space Telescope Science Inst
3700 San Martin Dr
Baltimore MD 21218-2410
Maryland (MD)
United States

Phone: +1 410 338 4425
Email: leithererstsciedu
Personal website:
Organization website:

NCA adherence: United States

Last updated:
September 23, 2020


Boris M. Shustov

Institute of Astronomy RAS
Pyatnitskaya str. 48
119017 Moscow
Russian Federation

Phone: +7 495 951 5461
Email 1: bshustovinasanru
Email 2: bshustovmailru
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Russian Federation

Last updated:
January 13, 2021


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