Press Office Contacts

For general media inquiries, contact the IAU Press Officer:

IAU Press Officer

Lars Lindberg Christensen

ESO education and Public Outreach Department
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2
D-85748 Garching bei München

Phone : +49 (0) 89 320 06 761
Cell  : +49 (0) 173 38 72 621


For specific inquiries, contact the IAU Divisions:

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IAU press releases are handled by the European Southern Observatory's education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD). All IAU press releases are sent to media representatives subscribed to ePOD's press mailing list about 48 hours in advance of the public release, giving them access to the full text and their associated multimedia.

This new advanced notice system is meant to give journalists the time to research a topic, gather relevant information or conduct interviews, which leads to a better and a more accurate coverage of the news and, ultimately, a better informing of the general public. In order to stress the fact that the news will be made public only two days later, but with no intention of “hyping” the news, we use the well-established term “Embargo”.

IAU press releases can also be sent “For Immediate Release” or at different times, according to their specific context.

Bona fide members of the press may sign up here to receive IAU press releases about 48 hours in advance of public dissemination. Please fill in the following form to request access and state your affiliation. ePOD reserves the right to check on the correctness of the information and grant access only to those that provide accurate information. Those subscribed to the mailing list will receive a confirmation email. Please note that by subscribing to the ePOD press mailing list you will also receive news from the European Southern Observatory. If you are already subscribed to ePOD press mailing list, then you should already be receiving all IAU news.


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