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The purpose of the Laboratory Astrophysics Commission (B5) is to address the multidisciplinary needs and requirements of modern astronomy and planetary science. As a result, the Commission encompasses the four fundamental research areas that generate astrophysical data needs: atomic and molecular astrophysics, physics and chemistry of solid materials and condensed matter (dust and ices), plasma astrophysics, and nuclear and particle astrophysics. The Commission embraces interdisciplinary studies crossing physical, chemical, biological, geological sciences of relevance to astronomy, including experiment, theory, and modeling, from the nuclear and atomic/molecular level to application on astronomical scales.

In summary, the Laboratory Astrophysics Commission is a strongly cross-disciplinary commission with the aim to assist all IAU members in providing the data needed to interpret and understand astronomical observations and to promote Laboratory Astrophysics.

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Commission B5 WG High-Accuracy Stellar Spectroscopy
Commission B5 WG Spectroscopic and Radiative Data for Molecules

Helen J. Fraser

The Open Unviersity
Department of Physical Sciences, Astronomy Division
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1908 332 921
Email: helenfraseropenacuk
Personal website: http://www.open.ac.uk/people/hf2563
Organization website: http://www.open.ac.uk/science/physical-science/astronomy/research/astrochemistry

NCA adherence: United Kingdom

Last updated:
October 9, 2020

Paul S. Barklem

Uppsala University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Box 516
751 20 Uppsala

Phone: +46 18 471 5981
Email: paulbarklemphysicsuuse
Personal website: http://www.astro.uu.se/~barklem/
Organization website: http://www.astro.uu.se/

NCA adherence: Sweden

Last updated:
June 21, 2019

Farid Salama

NASA- Ames Research Center
Space Science & Astrobiology Division
Building N245
MS 245 6
Moffett Field CA 94035-1000
California (CA)
United States

Phone: +1 650 604 3384
Email 1: faridsalamanasagov
Email 2: fsalamamailarcnasagov
Personal website: http://www.astrochem.org/bios/salama.php
Organization website: https://www.nasa.gov/content/farid-salama

NCA adherence: United States

Last updated:
February 19, 2019

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