IAU Symposia or External Webpage Template

The IAU provides a template for Symposia websites. It requires an installation of WordPress.

Below are some simple instructions on how to install the IAU template and sample data. If you have further questions, please contact epodweb@eso.org. After you install Wordpress 4.5.2, please proceed as describe in the following steps:

  1. Install WP Clone Plugin. In your admin panel, go to 'Plugins' -> 'Add New' and search for 'WP Clone', then click on 'Install Now' and activate the plugin.
  2. Restore backup site. Go to 'WP Clone' in your admin panel, select 'Restore from URL' option and input the following URL: https://www.iau.org/static/science/meetings/templates/iau-meetings-1.0.zip Make sure there are no white spaces in the end of the URL.
  3. Check 'I AGREE' check box and click 'Restore from URL' button. Important: all previous data in your Wordpress installation will be removed.
  4. Update your admin password. By default, your admin user/password is admin/admin123. Go to 'Users' -> 'Your Profile' and update your password and personal information.
  5. Navigate to 'Appearance' > Customize in your admin panel and customize to taste.

You are free to upload your own images, background and banner. Note that the official IAU logos can be downloaded in various formats from: https://www.iau.org/public/images/detail/iau_bb/ (dark background) and https://www.iau.org/public/images/detail/iau_wb/ (white background). The download options are on the right column in the page. The IAU logo must be displayed prominently on the website.

Users are free to add and remove pages from the template, as well as edit forms and customize the content according to the needs.

Useful links

Example site

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