Letters of Intent received in 2022

GA Symposia

LoI 2024-2183

LoI 2024-2165

Title Star formation in the era of JWST
Contact Roberto De Propris (deproprisr@biust.ac.bw)

LoI 2024-2168

LoI 2024-2179

LoI 2024-2175

LoI 2024-2191

Title All-inclusive AGN
Contact Sarah / Sthabile White / Kolwa (sarahwhite.astro@gmail.com)

Non-GA Symposia

LoI 2024-2161

Title The Societal Impact from the Discovery of Life Beyond Earth
Location Cape Town
Country South Africa
Dates 6 August 2024 to 9 August 2024
Contact Hermine Landt (hermine.landt@durham.ac.uk)

LoI 2024-2167

Title Stellar populations in the Milky Way and beyond
Location Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo coastline
Country Brazil
Dates 4 November 2024 to 8 November 2024
Contact Jorge Meléndez (jorge.melendez@iag.usp.br)

LoI 2024-2177

Title Astronomy in the Crossroads of Inter- and Multi- Disciplinary Sciences
Location Byurakan
Country Armenia
Dates 16 September 2024 to 20 September 2024
Contact Areg Mickaelian (aregmick@yahoo.com)

LoI 2024-2171

Title 17th Marcel Grossmann Meeting
Location We are currently evaluating the proposals from Europe by Germany (Bremen), France (Nice and Grenoble), from Asia by China (Beijing), and from South America by Colombia (Cartagena).
Country AA-Country unknown
Dates 3 July 2024 to 8 July 2024
Contact Remo Ruffini (ruffini@icra.it)

GA Focus Meetings

LoI 2024-2178

LoI 2024-2181

Title Gendered Astronomy, Gendered Sky
Contact Jarita Holbrook (jc.holbrook@ed.ac.uk)

LoI 2024-2184

LoI 2024-2189

LoI 2024-2158

Title Science and Religion
Contact Lerothodi Leeuw (Lerothodi@alum.mit.edu)

LoI 2024-2195

LoI 2024-2162


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