Individual Members Accepted in 2020

Total number of Individual IAU members added in 2020: 361

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Name Location NCA adherence▼
Chan, Man Ho Hong Kong AA-Country unknown
Cécere, Mariana Andrea Argentina Argentina
Colazo, Marcelo Eduardo Argentina Argentina
CHEN, Xi China, Nanjing China, Nanjing
Chen, Lei Hungary Hungary
Chatterjee, Sourav India India
Cresci, Giovanni Italy Italy
CHOI, Joon-Young Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
CHUNG, Aeree Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
Cicone, Claudia Norway Norway
Carnero Rosell, Aurelio Spain Spain
Cenarro, Javier Spain Spain
Cardiel Lopez, Nicolás Spain Spain
Caballero, José A. Spain Spain
Ceballos Merino, Maria Teresa Spain Spain
Chousinho Khouri Silva, Theo Sweden Sweden
Carlile, Colin James Sweden Sweden
Chornogor, Svitlana Ukraine Ukraine
Chen, Christopher United Kingdom United Kingdom
Cleeves, Lauren Ilsedore United States United States
Caspi, Amir United States United States
Cunningham, Clifford Joseph United States United States
Chené, André-Nicolas United States United States

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