Individual Members Accepted in 2020

Total number of Individual IAU members added in 2020: 361

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Name▼ Location NCA adherence
Pacifici, Camilla United States United States
Paganelli, Flora United States United States
Pai, Venketeswara R India India
Palau Puigvert, Aina Mexico Mexico
Panditi, Vemareddy India India
PARK, Kwon Soo Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
Pathak, Amit India India
Paul, Surajit India India
PAUL, Bikash Chandra India India
Paz, Dante Javier Argentina Argentina
Pe'er, Asaf Israel Israel
Pejcha, Ondřej Czech Republic Czech Republic
PENG, Yingjie China, Nanjing China, Nanjing
Perez Montero, Enrique Spain Spain
Petrovic, Jelena Serbia, Republic of Serbia, Republic of
Piccialli, Arianna Belgium Belgium
Piccioni, Giuseppe Italy Italy
Ponti, Gabriele Italy Italy
Popescu, Marcel M. Spain Spain
Popping, Gergö Germany Germany
Pugliese, Giovanna Netherlands Netherlands
Pumo, Maria Letizia Italy Italy
Pursimo, Tapio Spain Spain

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