Letters of Intent received in 2022

LoI 2024-2192
Spectrophotometric Calibration in the 21st Century

Date: 5 August 2024 to 16 August 2024
Category: GA Symposium
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Contact: Susana Deustua (susana.deustua@nist.gov)
Coordinating division: Division B Facilities, Technologies and Data Science
Other divisions: Division G Stars and Stellar Physics
Co-Chairs of SOC: Suasna Deustua (NIST)
J. Allyn Smith (Austin Peay State University)
Martin Barstow (University of Leicester)
Chair of LOC: Not Applicable (None)



Standard Star Networks
Fundamental Physics and Stellar Models
Calibration Pipelines
Analysis and Algorithms
SI Traceable Flux Calibration
Instrument Calibration
Science driven calibration requirements



Our objective is to explore the issues needed to tie the calibration of telescopes together, across a wide wavelength range, both at ground-based and space-based observatories. Progress in astrophysics is now tied to powerful models of a variety of phenomena, and to test those models, we need precisely and accurately calibrated observations across the electromagnetic spectrum. The topic of calibration has not been covered by an IAU Symposium. It is usually covered in focused workshops (such as at the IAU General Assembly in 2018) or facility specific meetings. The last meeting which could be described as general was hosted at Fermilab in 2012. Most calibration meetings are small and mission-focused, and by design cannot meet our objective.We plan to bring observational and theoretical astrophysicists together to discuss the issues we face to give us a common working framework for current and future endeavours.

Past Meetings:
Calibration and Standardization Issues in UV-VIS-IR Astronomy. Focus Meeting held on 22-23 August 2018 at GA
Calibration and Standardization of Large Surveys and Missions in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Held at Fermilab, USA, 16-19 April, 2012
The Future of Photometric, Spectrophotometric and Polarimetric Standardization. Held in Blankenberge, Belgium, 8-11 May, 2006