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Commission 55 Business Meeting during IAU General Assembly 2009
15 June 2014
Commission Reform: Call for Proposals for Commissions Issued

The Call for Proposals for IAU Commissions, as publicised in our previous announcement (15 May, 2014) on the main steps of a plan for reforming IAU Commissions, is now available. The on-line submission form is accessible to IAU members (please log in first), as well as full details and guidelines for responding to the Call for Proposals for Commissions.

The submission of Proposals for Commissions will be in two phases:

  1. Letters of Intent (by 15 October, 2014), followed by
  2. Full Proposals (by 31 January, 2015) (an online submission form will be provided)

Up to the Full Proposal deadline, IAU members will have the opportunity to express their preference for proposed Commissions by an indicative electronic poll.

The rationale for a two-phase process is to help optimise the set of proposed Commissions by providing opportunities to identify and correct any significant omissions or overlaps, either coming from the proposers themselves, or on the advice of the Division Presidents or of the Executive Committee. They are also intended to provide Commission Working Groups with an overview of the proposed Commissions. The Letters of Intent (in 1. above) will be posted on the IAU website, and the outcomes of the indicative poll will be made available to IAU members prior to the Full Proposal deadline. If appropriate, feedback will be provided by Divisions to the proposers no later than 15 December, 2014.

After submission, as an acknowledgment of receipt, the form is forwarded automatically to Proposer and co-Proposers, as well as to the members of the Proposal Recommendation Committee.

The Proposal Recommendation Committee consists of the Division Presidents and Executive Committee Vice-Presidents, and is chaired by the President-Elect. The various steps of the Commission reform are coordinated by the General Secretary. The creation of the Commissions is approved by the Executive Committee, on the basis of the recommendations of this Committee.

Feedback is welcome on the Commission Reform Forum.



Thierry Montmerle
General Secretary, International Astronomical Union
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Paris, France

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Commission 55 Business Meeting during IAU General Assembly 2009