Individual Members Accepted in 2023

Total number of Individual IAU members added in 2023: 210

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Name▼ Location NCA adherence
Caito, Letizia Italy Italy
Candian, Alessandra Netherlands Netherlands
Casella, Piergiorgio Italy Italy
Castignani, Gianluca Italy Italy
Cataldi, Gianni Japan Japan
Cerqueira, Adriano Hoth Brazil Brazil
Chabot, Nancy Lynne United States United States
Chagelishvili, George Georgia Georgia
Chakraborty, Chandrachur India India
CHANG, Seo-Won Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
Chanishvili, Revaz Givi Georgia Georgia
Chargeishvili, Bidzina Bidzina Georgia Georgia
Chávez, Ricardo Mexico Mexico
CHEN, Chian-Chou China, Taipei China, Taipei
CHEN, Yao China, Nanjing China, Nanjing
CHIANG, Yi-Kuan China, Taipei China, Taipei
Christiansen, Jessie L United States United States
CHUNG, Chul Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
Cockcroft, Robert Canada Canada
Cui, Weiguang United Kingdom United Kingdom
Cumming, Robert J. Sweden Sweden

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