Individual Members since the 2006 IAU GA

Total number of Individual IAU members added in 2006: 914

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Name▼ Location NCA adherence
Nahar, Sultana Nurun United States United States
NAKANISHI, Hiroyuki Japan Japan
Namouni, Fathi France France
Napolitano, Nicola R. Italy Italy
Naylor, David A. Canada Canada
Naylor, Tim United Kingdom United Kingdom
Negueruela, Ignacio Spain Spain
Neiner, Coralie France France
Nelemans, Gijs Netherlands Netherlands
Nelson, Richard P. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Neuhaeuser, Ralph Germany Germany
Nickeler, Dieter H. Czech Republic Czech Republic
Nikiforov, Igor I. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Nikoli'c, Silvana Chile Chile
Nilsson, Hampus Sweden Sweden
Nipoti, Carlo Italy Italy
NISHIMURA, Osamu Japan Japan
Nothnagel, Axel Austria Germany
Nucita, Achille A. Italy Italy
Nurmi, Pasi T. Finland Finland

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