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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible to apply as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "Active Members". For corrections and updates, please contact Any members remaining Inactive for more than 3 years will be removed from the IAU lists.

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Total number of IAU Individual members: 11562.  Number of Active Individual Members in the IAU Directory: 11210.


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Name Location▼ NCA adherence
Wittkowski, Markus Germany Germany
Wilms, Jörn Germany Germany
Winkel, Benjamin Germany Germany
Wiesemeyer, Helmut Wilfried Germany Germany
Wagner, Stefan J Germany Germany
Wild, Wolfgang Germany Germany
Wittmann, Axel D. Germany Germany
Wiedemann, Günter R. Germany Germany
Wiegelmann, Thomas Germany Germany
Wiehr, Eberhard Germany Germany
Weiss, Achim Germany Germany
Weingrill, Jörg Germany Germany
Wielebinski, Richard Germany Germany
Weigelt, Gerd Germany Germany
Weber, Michael Germany Germany
Wielen, Roland Germany Germany
Wadadekar, Yogesh G India India
Wulandari, Hesti Retno Tri Indonesia Indonesia
Whelan, Emma Teresa Ireland Ireland
Wrixon, Gerard T. Ireland Ireland
Wandel, Amri S Israel Israel
Waxman, Eli Israel Israel
Wolter, Anna Italy Italy
WATANABE, Junichi Japan Japan
WATANABE, Noriaki Japan Japan
WATANABE, Kyoko Japan Japan
WAKITA, Shigeru Japan Japan
WAKAMATSU, Ken-Ichi Japan Japan
WATANABE, Yoshimasa Japan Japan
Wongwathanarat, Annop Japan Thailand
WADA , Takehiko Japan Japan
WADA , Keiichi Japan Japan
WATARI, Shinichi Japan Japan
Wagner, Alexander Yukawa Japan Japan
WATARAI, Kenya Japan Japan
WU, Ronin Japan Japan
WATANABE, Tetsuya Japan Japan
WATANABE, Takashi Japan Japan
WOO, Jong-Hak Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
WAJIMA, Kiyoaki Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
Watson, Alan M Mexico Mexico
Wofford, Aida Mexico Mexico
Wijnands, Rudy Netherlands Netherlands
Witasse, Olivier Netherlands Netherlands
Watts, Anna L Netherlands Netherlands
Wijers, Ralph A.M.J. Netherlands Netherlands
Wang, Lingyu Netherlands Netherlands
Wesselius, Paul Ronald Netherlands Netherlands
Waters, Laurens B.F.M. Netherlands Netherlands
Wijnholds, Stefan J. Netherlands Netherlands
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