Letters of Intent received in 2019

LoI 2021-2096
NON-GA SYMPOSIUM: A quarter century of exoplanetary science

Date: 27 September 2021 to 1 October 2021
Category: Non-GA Symposium
Location: Torino, Italy
Contact: Alessandro Sozzetti (alessandro.sozzetti@inaf.it)
Coordinating division: Division F Planetary Systems and Astrobiology
Other divisions: Division A Fundamental Astronomy
Division B Facilities, Technologies and Data Science
Division G Stars and Stellar Physics
Chair of SOC: Alessandro Sozzetti (INAF - Torino)
Chair of LOC: None (None)



- Frontiers of exoplanetary science: Observations and Demographics

a) Transiting exoplanets
b) Extreme precision radial velocities
c) Directly imaged planets
d) Gaia astrometry
e) Exoplanetary atmospheres
f) Planetary systems in extreme environments
g) The star-planet connection

- Frontiers of exoplanetary science. Theory

a) The Solar System in context
b) Formation
c) Dynamical evolution
d) Physical evolution

- Habitability and biosignatures

a) The star-specific concept
b) The planet-specific concept

- THe uncharted territory: The next decade

a) Space missions: medium and large
b) Spaec missions: small and very small
c) Ground-based projects:
d) The data challenge