Southern Sky Over La Silla

Photographer: José Rodrigues
Country: Portugal

This video showing the Milky Way’s sprawling brilliance across the celestial expanse takes first place in the category of Time-lapse videos of the rotation of the Big Dipper or Southern Cross. Among the stars’ grand theatre, the Southern Cross constellation claims its place in the scene, distinguished by its distinctive cross shape as seen in the top of this video and slightly to the right just over the Milky Way, slowly disappearing as the video progresses. This celestial marker, a prominent feature in the southern hemisphere, holds cultural and navigational significance, having served as a navigational guidepost for centuries. Accompanying the Milky Way’s grandeur are the two Magellanic clouds, celestial companions seen dancing in the distant sky. The Carina Nebula adds its ethereal glow to the cosmic panorama, painting a radiant hue against the darkness. In the midst of this celestial ballet, a gentle green hue envelops the atmosphere, a phenomenon known as airglow, adding a touch of subtle luminescence to the night sky. The terrestrial also makes an appearance, with planes flying overhead and vehicles driving between observatory buildings. This time-lapse, taken from La Silla Observatory in Chile, is a window onto the captivating dance of stars, offering a glimpse of the awe-inspiring beauty of our galaxy and the celestial landmarks that grace the southern sky.

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José Rodrigues/IAU OAE (CC BY 4.0)

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18 December 2023, 17:30
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25 fps

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