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Aug 21 ID3 Shuang Nan Zhang: "Similar phenomena at different scales: Black Holes, Sun, Supernovae, Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters" Prague
Czech Republic
Aug 17 ID2 Alan Title: "The Magnetic Field and its Effects on the Solar Atmosphere as Observed" Prague
Czech Republic
Aug 16 ID1 Jill Tarter: "The Evolution of Life in the Universe Prague
Czech Republic
Aug 14 -
Aug 25
XXVIth IAU General Assembly Prague
Czech Republic
Aug 13 09:00 - 12:30: Executive Committee Meeting N° 81 (part 1) Prague
Czech Republic
Jul 23 -
Aug 5
International School on Galactic and Cosmological N-Body Simulations Tonantzintla-Puebla
Jul 10 Appointment of National Representatives
Jul 10 Appointment of Finance Committee Representatives
Jul 10 Appointment of Nominating Commitee Representatives
Jul 9 -
Jul 14
Physics and Astrophysics of Supermassive Black Holes Santa Fe, NM
United States
Jul 2 -
Jul 8
6th Integral Workshop: The Obscured Universe Moscow
Russian Federation
May 31 Communication to the IAU Secretariat of title(s) for Division, Commission, and Working Group Meetings at the XXVIth General Assembly in Prague
May 15 Submission of Resolutions type B (Resolutions without financial implications)
May 15 Deadline for early registration at the XXVIth IAU General Assembly, for reduced fee POSTPONED to May 31, 2006
May 15 Deadline for the IAU Secretariat to send National Members the list of candidates for Individual Membership
Apr 18 Deadline for CPs to confirm their candidates for Individual Membership, according to the list of candidates for future Membership they have received on April 10.
Mar 27 -
Mar 28
Officers' Meeting Paris
Mar 1 Due date for DPs' reviewing, ranking and comments of IAU scientific meeting proposals via IAU Proposal Website, in consultation with Division OC, CPs and WGPs


Dec 15 Proposals for 2007 IAU meetings: Due date for each IAU scientific meeting proposers to submit to the IAU Proposal Website the final proposal and a .zip archive containing scientific rationale, draft program, tentative speakers list, and a report of communication with DPs, CPs and/or WGPs.
Nov 1 Due date for each IAU scientific meeting proposer to submit a LoI to the AGS for 2007 IAU Symposia.


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