Letters of Intent for 2015

Letters of Intent are ordered by names of contact persons. The deadline for submission of full proposals is Dec. 15.

GA Symposia

LoI 2015-213

Title Star Formation across Scales in the Universe
Contact Philippe ANDRE (


LoI 2015-179

Title The General Assembly of the Galactic Halo
Contact Angela Bragaglia (


LoI 2015-210

Title Research in Astronomy Education: Results and Future Directions
Contact Paulo Bretones (


LoI 2015-181

Title Formation, evolution, and survival of massive star clusters
Contact Corinne Charbonnel (


LoI 2015-211

Title Asteroids: New Observations, New Models
Contact Steven Chesley (


LoI 2015-191

Title From molecular gas to star forming galaxies
Contact Pascale JABLONKA (


LoI 2015-203

Title Galaxies in the Early Universe and the Growth of Structure over Cosmic Time
Contact Sugata Kaviraj (


LoI 2015-215

Title Protoplanetary Disks: Structure, Transport and Chemistry
Contact Hubert Klahr (


LoI 2015-196

Title Solar and Stellar Flares and Their Effects on Planets
Contact Alexander Kosovichev (


LoI 2015-202

Title Technology, Data-handling, and Operational Challenges for Large Astronomical Facilities
Contact Valentin M. Pillet (


LoI 2015-200

Title Which future for electromagnetic Astronomy: Ground Based vs Space Borne Large Astrophysical Facility
Contact Ubertini Pietro (


LoI 2015-190

Title GA Symposium: The dramatic evolution of galaxy morphology
Contact Aaron Robotham (


LoI 2015-208

Title The Lyman alpha Universe
Contact Daniel Schaerer (


LoI 2015-192

Title Citizen Science, Social Machines and Open Science in Astronomy
Contact Robert Simpson (


LoI 2015-182

Title The Galaxy as a system of systems: An integrative view
Contact David Soderblom (


LoI 2015-199

Title Young Stars and Planets Near the Sun
Contact Ben Zuckerman (


LoI 2015-172

Title The high resolution view of star and planet formation
Contact Floris van der Tak (


GA Focus Meetings

LoI 2015-167

Title Focus Meeting: The physics of the stellar halos around galaxies
Contact Magda Arnaboldi (


LoI 2015-174

Title Focus Meeting: Electromagnetic and gravitational radiation from compact objects
Contact Tomaso Belloni (


LoI 2015-168

Title Focus Meeting: Solar, Stellar, and Space Physics in the ATST Era
Contact Thomas Berger (


LoI 2015-178

Title Focus Meeting: Water throughout the universe
Contact Edwin Bergin (


LoI 2015-171

Title Focus Meeting: IAU Working Group Libraries
Contact Marsha Bishop (


LoI 2015-175

Title Focus Meeting: Highlights in the Exploration of Small Worlds
Contact Dominique Bockelee-Morvan (


LoI 2015-187

Title Focus Meeting: Cosmological X-ray Surveys: Supermassive Black Hole growth and Cosmic structures
Contact Andrea Comastri (


LoI 2015-183

Title Focus Meeting: Stellar Behemoths - Red Supergiants Across the Local Universe
Contact Ben Davies (


LoI 2015-169

Title Focus meeting: what is a galaxy?
Contact Pierre-Alain Duc (


LoI 2015-173

Title Focus Meeting: Pushing the Frontiers of Cosmology and Galaxy Formation with HST
Contact Harald Ebeling (


LoI 2015-180

Title Focus Meeting: Scale-free processes in astrophysics
Contact Edith Falgarone (


LoI 2015-185

Title Focus Meeting: Statistics and Exoplanets
Contact Eric Feigelson (


LoI 2015-224

Title Focus Meeting: The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development: Impact!
Contact Kevin Govender (


LoI 2015-170

Title Focus Meeting: Laboratory Astrophysics
Contact Patrick Hartigan (


LoI 2015-217

Title Focus Meeting: The picture of galaxy evolution painted with Lyman alpha
Contact Esther Hu (


LoI 2015-212

Title Focus Meeting: Meeting the Neighbours: The Magellanic System
Contact Annie Hughes (


LoI 2015-176

Title Focus Meeting: Recent advances in stellar physics from asteroseismology
Contact Simon Jeffery (


LoI 2015-218

Title Focus Meeting: Understanding Cosmic Magnetism with Next Generation Instruments
Contact Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (


LoI 2015-197

Title Focus Meeting: Astronomy in Hawaii - Past, Present and Future
Contact Markus Kissler-Patig (


LoI 2015-198

Title Focus Meeting: Astronomy, culture and patronage through the ages
Contact Rajesh Kochhar (


LoI 2015-189

Title Focus Meeting: Connecting Solar and Stellar Variability
Contact Natalie Krivova (


LoI 2015-221

Title Focus Meeting: Search for water and life's building blocks in the universe
Contact Sun Kwok (


LoI 2015-220

Title Focus Meeting: Stellar Physics Throughout the Universe
Contact Claus Leitherer (


LoI 2015-226

Title Cosmology from before Hubble (EP) to after Hubble (ST)
Contact Vicent J. Martinez (


LoI 2015-194

Title Focus Meeting: Stellar structure, gas dynamics and star formation in galaxies
Contact Sharon Meidt (


LoI 2015-188

Title Focus Meeting: Complex Organic Molecules in Space
Contact Tom Millar (


LoI 2015-165

Title Focus Meeting: Dynamical problems in Extrasolar planets science
Contact Alessandro Morbidelli (


LoI 2015-201

Title Focus Meeting: Observations and 3D numerical models: exploring the common ground
Contact Fernando Moreno-Insertis (


LoI 2015-204

Title Focus Meeting: Signs of Life: Exoplanets and the Search for Biomarkers
Contact Rachel Osten (


LoI 2015-205

Title Focus Meeting: The Archaeology of Galaxies
Contact Rachel Osten (


LoI 2015-206

Title Focus Meeting: New Light on First Light
Contact Rachel Osten (


LoI 2015-193

Title Focus Meeting: The Anatomy of Nearby Starburst Galaxies
Contact Juergen Ott (


LoI 2015-177

Title Focus Meeting: The Solar Neighborhood
Contact Jan Palous (


LoI 2015-214

Title Focus Meeting: Towards a promising harvest for Gaia
Contact Timo Prusti (


LoI 2015-225

Title Focus Meeting: Astronomical Heritage: Progressing the UNESCO–IAU Initiative
Contact Clive Ruggles (


LoI 2015-216

Title Focus Meeting: Communicating Astronomy with the Public in the Big Data Era
Contact Pedro Russo (


LoI 2015-184

Title Focus Meeting: Bridging Laboratory Astrophysics and Astronomy: From Provider to User
Contact Farid Salama (


LoI 2015-222

Title Focus Meeting: The Impact of Massive Binaries throughout the Universe
Contact Hugues Sana (


LoI 2015-166

Title Focus Meeting: The Cosmos as a probe of fundamental physics
Contact Raghunathan Srianand (


LoI 2015-223

Title Focus Meeting: The Legacy of Planck
Contact Jan Tauber (


LoI 2015-207

Title Focus Meeting: The synergy between massive stellar explosions and their hosts
Contact Christina Thoene (


LoI 2015-219

Title Focus Meeting: Magnetic fields and related physics of massive stars
Contact Gregg Wade (


LoI 2015-209

Title Focus Meeting: Addressing Light Pollution/RFI Issues for Protection of Observatory & World Heritage Sites
Contact Constance Walker (



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