Division J Days at the XXIX GA

Starting from 2015 each IAU Division will have Division Meetings during IAU General Assemblies. The triennial Division Meetings are scientific meetings with a duration of two days. They should not be confused with the usual business meetings of Divisions and/or Commissions which are organized as Splinter Meetings. Both oral sessions and poster papers are scheduled for the Division Meetings.

The following is the oral paper schedule (with the first author listed) for Division J. The links provide PDF versions of papers provided by the authors.

7 August 2015 FRIDAY

Session 1: Numerical Modeling: Star formation, Galaxy Evolution

Session 2: Numerical Modeling: AGN Feedback

Session 3: Numerical Modeling: Galaxy Clusters

Session 4:ALMA Breakthroughs in High-z Galaxies and Cosmology

10 August 2015 MONDAY

Session 5: ALMA breakthroughs in nearby galaxies

Session 6: Other mm instruments IRAM, CARMA, SMA...

Session 7: AGN outflows and feedback

Session 8: Hard X-rays and Gamma-rays from Extragalactic Systems

Poster Papers

The complete program for the General Assembly, including the Division J program, is available online at http://www.astronomy2015.org. The program includes abstracts for all the papers, including the accepted poster papers listed below.

  • Statistical Analysis of Fly-by Encounters between Milky Way-sized Dark Matter Halos in Cosmological Simulations by S. An; J. Kim; K. Yun; J. Kim; S. Yoon
  • Adding Spice to Vanilla LCDM simulations: Alternative Cosmologies & Lighting up Simulations by P.J. Elahi
  • The formation and evolution of dark matter halos early in cosmic history by A.D. Ernest; M.P. Collins
  • The Illustris simulation overview: from the cosmic web to the Hubble sequence by S. Genel; D. Nelson; M. Vogelsberger; V. Springel; D. Sijacki; P. Torrey; A. Pillepich; L. Hernquist
  • Signal and foreground inference for global 21-cm observations by G. Harker
  • The E and B EXperiment: EBEX by K.R. Helson
  • Accurate PSF-matched photometry for the J-PAS survey by Y. Jimenez-Teja; T. Benitez; R.a. Dupke
  • Explaining the density profile of self-gravitating system by statistial mechanics by D. Kang
  • Stochastic Evolution of Halo Spin by J. Kim
  • The Hubble Deep UV Legacy Survey (HDUV): Survey Overview and First Results by P. Oesch; M. Montes; H. Survey Team
  • Physical Properties of Tidal Features of Interacting Disk Galaxies: Three-dimensional Self-consistent Simulations by S. Oh; W. Kim; H. Lee
  • The Illustris simulation overview: mock observations of galaxies and their stellar haloes by A. Pillepich; P. Torrey; G. Snyder; D. Nelson; S. Genel; M. Vogelsberger; D. Sijacki; V. Springel; L. Hernquist
  • The Arrowhead Not-So-Supercluster of Galaxies by D. Pomarede; H.M. Courtois; Y. Hoffman; R. Tully
  • Laniakea, our Home Supercluster of Galaxies by D. Pomarede; H.M. Courtois; Y. Hoffman; R. Tully
  • GM=tc^3 in The Year of Light by L. Riofrio
  • A Multiwavelength Study of HUDF Tadpole Galaxies by A. Straughn; R.T. Eufrasio; E. Voyer; D. de Mello; S. Ravindranath; S. Petty; S. Kassin; J.P. Gardner; E. Soto
  • W
  • Measuring the Cosmic Infrared Background in the Near/Mid-Infrared using the Galilean Satellites as Occulters by J.A. Surace; K. Tsumura; K. Arimatsu; E. Egami; Y. Hayano; C. Honda; J. Kimura; K. Kuramoto; S. Matsuura; Y. Minowa; K. Nakajima; T. Nakamoto; M. Shirahata; Y. Takahashi; T. Wada
  • Linking Observational Cosmology with Theory by Y. Wang
  • Radial Alignment of Elliptical Galaxies by the Tidal Force of a Cluster of Galaxies by S. Zhang; Y. Rong; H. Tu
  • How do galaxies get their magnetic fields? by A. Beck; K. Dolag; H. Lesch
  • Anisotropic thermal conduction with magnetic fields in galaxy clusters by A. Arth; K. Dolag; A. Beck; M. Petkova; H. Lesch
  • New ways to look for cosmic strings by A. Beresnyak
  • The Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey by J. Cenarro; A. Marin-Franch; M. Moles; D. Cristobal-Hornillos; C. Mendes de Oliveira; L. Sodre
  • Axion emission in soft gamma repeaters by P. Das
  • Discovering Stellar Overdensities and Underdensities through Microlensing by R. Di Stefano
  • Impact of long-range wavelength-scale distortion on finestructure constant measurements by V. Dumont; J.K. Webb
  • Constraint on dark energy through Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and implication for growth of cosmic structures by H.L. Duorah
  • Anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave background As a Probe for early Universe magnetic field by H.L. Duorah
  • The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey by R.a. Dupke; N. Benitez; M. Moles; L. Sodre; J. Collaboration
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Distribution and Kinematics of Nuclear Stars in Seyfert 1s versus Seyfert 2s by P.A. Erickson; E.K. Hicks
  • A project to unveil the population of Low-Mass Star-Forming Galaxies of the Universe by J. Gallego; L. Rodriguez-Muñoz; L. Tresse; C. Pacifici; S. Charlot; A. Gil de Paz; C. Gomez-Guijarro; V. Villar; G. Barro
  • Scaling relations of antitruncated stellar discs in galaxies across the Hubble Sequence by C. Eliche-Moral; A. Serrano-Borlaff; J.E. Beckman; L. Gutierrez
  • Extreme Red Quasars in SDSS-BOSS by F. Hamann; N. Zakamska; I. Paris; H. Herbst; C. Villforth; R. Alexandroff; N. Ross; J. Greene; M. Strauss
  • HST images of FeLoBAL quasars: Testing quasar-galaxy evolution models by H. Herbst; F. Hamann; P. Caselli; A.M. Koekemoer; C. Villforth; S. Veilleux
  • Census of Extragalactic Molecular Clouds by A.S. Hojaev; D. Semakov
  • Characterization of molecular gas in the nuclear regions of Seyfert 1s and Seyfert 2s by K.J. Kade; E.K. Hicks
  • Environmental dependence of AGN activity in the SDSS main galaxy sample by M. Kim; Y. Choi; S.S. Kim
  • PrISM: Mapping Nearby Galaxies with Slit Spectroscopy by J.A. Rich
  • Identifying X-ray AGNs in Abell 133 with deep Chandra imaging by J. Shin; J. Woo; E. Gallo; R. Plotkin; J. Mulchaey
  • Nuclear Molecular Gas Kinematics in Seyfert 1s versus 2s by H.J. Smits; E.K. Hicks
  • Exploring large-scale environment of SDSS DR7 quasars at 0.46<z<0.59 with SDSS DR12 CMASS galaxies by H. Song; C. Park
  • Multi-colour High Time-resolution Simultaneous Photometric Studies of Blazars by M. Zhai