Division D Days at the XXIX GA

Starting from 2015 each IAU Division will have Division Meetings during IAU General Assemblies. The triennial Division Meetings are scientific meetings with a duration of two days. They should not be confused with the usual business meetings of Divisions and/or Commissions which are organized as Splinter Meetings. Both oral sessions and poster papers are scheduled for the Division Meetings.

The following is the oral paper schedule for Division D. The links provide PDF versions of papers provided by the authors.

7 August 2015 FRIDAY

Session 1: Accretion on all scales

Session 2: Black hole spin

  • Observing black hole spin by Chris Reynolds
  • The origin of Black-Hole Spin in Galactic Low-Mass X-ray Binaries by Tassos Fragos
  • Probing the Galactic Centre: Black hole properties, magnetars and pulsars by Michael Kramer
  • Jet drifts and flips in radio galaxies as probes of the historical evolution of spin axis in supermassive black holes by Lakshmi Saripalli
  • Application of the hot flow model to low-luminosity Seyfert galaxies and constraints on their radiative efficiencies, BH spin values and plasma parameters by Andrzej Niedzwiecki

Session 3: Black holes and feedback

  • Towards an understanding of the radio-mode AGN feedback at higher redshifts by Laura Birzan
  • Relativistic jet interaction with forming galaxies by Geoffrey Bicknell
  • Magnetic filaments associated radio-source feedback by Mark Birkinshaw
  • A Deep Chandra Observation of the X-Ray Brightest Group in the sky NGC 5044 by Laurence David
  • Supermassive black holes at work: 'fossil records' of outbursts from supermassive black holes and the effects of outbursts on the evolution of gas rich galaxies, groups, and galaxy clusters by Bill Forman

Session 4: The growth of galaxy clusters

10 August 2015 MONDAY

Session 5: Energetic jets and transients

  • Fast radio bursts: the search for their origins by Sarah Spolaor
  • Towards a Unified Model for the Gamma-Ray BuThe Fermi view of gamma-ray bursts by Sylvain Guiriec
  • The Fermi view of gamma-ray bursts by Magnus Axelsson
  • Energy dependence of variability in low mass X-ray binaries by Holger Stiele
  • X-ray and optical observations of a compact black hole binary MAXI J1910-057: implication for the companion and evidence for the jet turn-on by Nobuyuki Kawai

Session 6: Progenitors and remnants of energetic transients

Session 7: Magnetic fields and high-energy phenomena

Session 8: Multi-messenger astrophysics

  • Gamma rays and the origin of Galactic cosmic rays by Emma De Ona Wilhelmi
  • The puzzle of the ankle in the Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum, and composition indicators by Glennys Farrar
  • Gravity at the Edge: Testing General Relativity with the Event Horizon Telescope by Avery Broderick
  • Limits on the diffuse UHE neutrino flux and directional limits for the radio galaxy Centaurus A by Ron Ekers
  • Witnessing Black Hole Births in the Transient Universe by Samaya Nissanke
  • Multi-messenger Observations and Opportunities for Gamma-Ray Bursts by Neil Gehrels

Poster Papers

The complete program for the General Assembly, including the Division D program, is available online at http://www.astronomy2015.org. The program includes abstracts for all the papers, including the accepted poster papers listed below.

  • Revealing the inner accretion flow around black holes using rapid variability by M. Axelsson
  • CImaging Black Hole Magnetic Fields with the Event Horizon Telescope by A. Chael; S. Doeleman; M.D. Johnson
  • Radiation feedback in neutron-star X-ray binaries by J. Homan
  • Measuring the Impact of AGN Outflows via Intensive UV and X-ray Monitoring Campaigns by G. Kriss
  • Coronal Accretion: the origin of X-ray Emission in AGN by B. Liu; R.E. Taam; E. Qiao; W. Yuan
  • Re-scrutiny of a best intermediate mass black hole candidate M82 X-1 by J. Liu; X. Xu; Y. Qiu; S. Wang
  • An X-Ray Spectral and Temporal Model for Clumpy Tori in Active Galactic Nuclei by Y. Liu; X. Li
  • A new approach to probe the accretion disk physics in quasars by J. Wang; Y. Sun; Z. Cai; X. Chen; Z. Zheng; W. Gu
  • Variability of Absorption Lines: Implication for Quasar Outflows by T. Wang
  • Ring galaxies as the cradle for ULXs by A. Wolter
  • Mass Capture efficiency during encounters between Sgr A* and Giant Molecular Clouds by J. Workman; B. Morsony; B. Gracey
  • Type-I burst as a probe to XRB accretion by S. Zhang
  • Novel non-equilibrium phase transition caused by non-linear hadronic -quark phase structure by X. Zhou; X. Zheng
  • The X-Ray Spectrum and Polarization of Obscured AGN with Complex Absorber Geometries: Improved Calculations and Impact on X-Ray Background Studies by P.S. Coppi; H. Odaka; C. Done; Y. Shaham
  • Low Accretion Rate Expected From G2 Gas Cloud by B. Gracey; B. Morsony; J. Workman
  • Hot flow model with a hybrid (thermal/nonthermal) particle distributions and its application to low luminosity black-hole systems by A. Stepnik; A. Niedzwiecki; F. Xie; M. Szanecki
  • The Event Horizon Telescope: New Developments and Results by M.D. Johnson; S.S. Doeleman; T. Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
  • Young AGN Outburst Running over Older X-Ray Cavities by A. Bogdan; R.J. van Weeren; R. Kraft; W. Forman; R. Scott; S. Giacintucci; E. Churazov; C. O'Dea; S. Baum; J. Noell-Storr; C. Jones
  • The galaxy cluster outskirts probed by Chandra by A. Morandi; M. Sun; W. Forman; C. Jones
  • Probing the Outskirts of Strongly Merging Double Clusters with X-ray Observations by S. Randall; E. Bulbul; R. Paterno-Mahler; C. Jones; W. Forman; E.D. Miller; S. Murray; C. Sarazin; E. Blanton

The following Focus Meetings may be of interest to Division D members. Abstracts for these sessions are provided at http://www.astronomy2015.org.

  • 5 -6 August: X-ray Surveys of the Hot and Energetic Cosmos
  • 11-13 Stellar explosions in an ever-changing environment
  • 12-14 The Gravitational Wave Symphony of Structure Formation
  • 12-14 Scale-free processes in the universe