Commission D1 Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

Useful Resources

Learn about the science

  • Basic introduction to gravitational waves
  • Einstein-Online: English, Deutsch
  • Online Course on Gravitational Waves by Kip Thorne
    An Online Course On Gravitational Waves given at Caltech by Kip S Thorne in 2002, assisted by Mihai Bondarescu and Yabei Chen. This web page, maintained by Pau Amaro Seoane, contains the videos, slides and assignments.
  • ICTS Summer Schools on Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
    This web page compiles resources (videos, lecture notes and tutorials) from the annual summer schools on gravitational waves held at ICTS, Bangalore. This involves short graduate-level courses on different topics, including numerical relativity, post-Newtonian theory, gravitational wave data analysis, astrophysics, neutron star physics, black hole perturbation theory, gravitational lensing, detector technology, etc.

Get an overview of gravitational-wave observing efforts

Work with gravitational-wave data and results

Resources supporting gravitational-wave scientists



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