Letters of Intent received in 2019

LoI 2021-2070
GA Symposium: Black Holes, Black Holes and Black Holes

Date: 16 August 2021 to 27 August 2021
Category: GA Symposium
Location: GA 2021, Busan, Korea, Rep of
Contact: Tomaso Belloni (tomaso.belloni@inaf.it)
Coordinating division: Division D High Energy Phenomena and Fundamental Physics
Other divisions:
Co-Chairs of SOC: Tomaso Belloni (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera)
Mariano Méndez (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen)
Chair of LOC: None (None)



- Physics of accretion onto black holes
- Spectral-timing properties of accreting black holes.
- Similarities with other compact objects (neutron stars and white dwarfs)
- Black-holes in external galaxies
- Black-hole spin and mass measurements: evidences for black holes
- Direct imaging: EHT and beyond
- Relativistic jets on all scales, outflows and feedback
- Gravitational waves from black-hole/black-hole and black-hole/neutron-star mergers
- Evolutionary models leading to gravitational-wave progenitors
- Tidal Destruction Events



The Symposium will be about all flavors of astrophysical black holes, from stellar-mass in binary systems to super-massive black holes in active galactic nuclei. We expect to attract both observers and theoreticians. The observations will cover the full electromagnetic spectrum and gravitational-wave data, and the theory will cover evolutionary models leading to mergers, spacetime observables and accretion models.