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October 2020

  IAU Members Announcements

IAU Invites National Members to Submit Candidatures to Host the General Assembly in 2027

17 September 2020: The IAU is inviting its national members to submit Letters of Intent to host the IAU General Assembly in 2027 (GA2027). This triennial event takes place over 12 days, offering ...

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  IAU Press Releases

The Gruber Foundation to Support a Third Fellowship — Greek astronomer Ioannis Liodakis receives the 2020 award

2 October 2020: Additional funding from The Gruber Foundation is making it possible to support a third outstanding early-career astrophysicist with a Gruber Fellowship. In 2020 Ioannis Liodakis of the Finnish Centre for ...

  IAU Public Announcements

Luboš Perek (26 July 1919–17 September 2020)

2 October 2020: It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of the great Czech astronomer Luboš Perek, who served as IAU General Secretary from 1967 to 1970. Born just two ...

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Call for Papers: CAPjournal Special Issue on Astronomy Communication in a Time of Confinement

23 September 2020: In this time of confinement, while the world still fights to contain the spread of COVID-19, people from all backgrounds and levels of experience in public communication have organised astronomy ...

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2nd Shaw–IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education

17 September 2020: The 2nd Shaw–IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education will be held online on 6–9 October 2020. The event has been organised by the IAU Office of Astronomy for ...

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IAU President: Help Support Projects to Mitigate Effects of Pandemic

16 September 2020: In response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on society, the IAU has been taking action to mitigate some of these negative effects. In addition to virtual scientific meetings and ...

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Astronomy-related Projects Support Global Communities Affected by COVID-19

3 August 2020: In a world becoming increasingly detached from science, COVID-19 has underscored the critical nature of the scientific process and its place in the community. While medical and health-related sciences are ...

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Kavli–IAU Transients 2020 Workshop Produces Multi-Messenger and Transient Astronomy White Paper

14 July 2020: In February 2020 a Kavli–IAU Workshop took place at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa. Its focus was the future of multi-messenger and transient astronomy ...

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  IAU Science Announcements

2020 Applications Open for Intake of New Individual, Junior and Honorary Members

2 October 2020: Applications are now open for the intake of new Individual Members, Junior Members and Honorary Members of the IAU. The timelines for application submission, review and admission run concurrently for ...

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Postdoctoral Position Open at the IAU Office of Astronomy for Education

3 August 2020: The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the worldwide organisation of professional astronomers and a key component of its activities is the use of astronomy in furthering education — both in astronomy ...

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IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Office for Astronomy Outreach

Scientific Dates & Deadlines

Administrative Dates & Deadlines

1 Nov 2020
DEADLINE for Letters of Intent to Host the IAU General Assembly in 2027 to Reach the General Secretary

15 Nov 2020
DEADLINE for Submission of Resolutions with Financial Implications

15 Nov 2020
DEADLINE for Submissions of Motions to Amend the Statutes and Bye-Laws to be Submitted to the General Secretary

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