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November 2014

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the revamped version of the IAU e-Newsletter. As the IAU General Secretary, I feel proud and privileged to share with you this new communication platform, in which we will strive to bring you interesting information and alert you to important deadlines related with the International Astronomical Union, its activities and the activities of its members.

As part of a new communication concept from the IAU, we have overhauled our main website. If you have not seen it already, please take a moment to visit

There, items formerly known as News are now named Announcements, comprising a broader range of topics, with more in-depth content, and intended to promote the image of a “dynamic” IAU.  

For instance, I would like to mention three important new projects of the IAU, due for 2015, that the Executive Committee endorsed at its recent meeting in Canberra, Australia (30 April 30–2 May, 2014), and which will be implemented very soon and that you will be able to follow from the IAU home page:

dedicated Announcement has been been issued on this last point, of course very important for the IAU community.

One consequence of this overhaul is that the "Information Bulletin", published twice a year up to now in paper form (and downloadable as a .pdf file) will also evolve. It will be published at the end of each calendar year, and will be a compilation of all the Announcements and Press Releases published during that year. Some more administrative material, of interest to IAU members only, may be published as well (such as draft minutes of Executive Committees, internal reports, etc.). The idea is therefore that the "Information Bulletin" will become, over the years, an repository of all the IAU activities and news items.

Finally I would like to encourage everyone in the community to send us suggestions for IAU news that can be published as either Press Releases or Announcements. The guidelines for these news items are available here. They will not only be published on, but will also be sent out as part of future IAU Newsletters like this one.


Thierry Montmerle
IAU General Secretary

  IAU Press Releases

NameExoWorlds: An IAU Worldwide Contest to Name Exoplanets and their Host Stars

9 July 2014: For the first time, in response to the public’s increased interest in being part of discoveries in astronomy, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is organizing a worldwide contest to give ...

  IAU Public Announcements

Call for Proposals from the Office of Astronomy for Development — Astronomy for a better world — calling for your ideas!

30 June 2014: Today sees the launch of the third annual call for proposals from the International Astronomical Union’s Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD). The call seeks innovative projects from around ...

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Opportunities from the Office of Astronomy for Development

27 June 2014: The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) based in Cape Town, South Africa, has currently lots of opportunities for people interested in supporting astronomy worldwide: 1. Two vacancies at ...

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Astronomy Outreach Newsletter June 2014 is Online

26 June 2014: The Astronomy Outreach Newsletter June 2014 is now online. It is produced by the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach and intends to bring to the general public the latest information ...

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IAU communication enhanced — New website, newsletters and social media channels

27 May 2014: As part of a new communication concept, the IAU website has undergone a redesign. The new IAU website reveals an updated look for the IAU. It addresses areas of improvement ...

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  IAU Science Announcements

Commission Reform: Call for Proposals for Commissions Issued

15 June 2014: The Call for Proposals for IAU Commissions, as publicised in our previous announcement (15 May, 2014) on the main steps of a plan for reforming IAU Commissions, is now available ...

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Selected Symposia and Focus Meetings in 2015

5 June 2014: The IAU Executive Committee, during its meeting last April in Canberra, Australia, approved the IAU Symposia and Focus Meetings (FM) for the General Assembly year 2015. There will be one ...

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IAU General Assembly
Honolulu, 3-14 August 2015 IAU General Assembly 2015

IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Office for Astronomy Outreach

Scientific Dates & Deadlines

Administrative & Commission Reform Dates & Deadlines

15 Oct 2014
Commission Reform: Deadline of Letters of Intent for Commissions

20 Oct 2014
Commission Reform: Start of indicative electronic poll on proposed Commissions

31 Oct 2014
Deadline for Letters of Intent for 2016 Symposia

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