IAU e-Newsletter - Volume 2006 n°1

Sent electronically to Individual Members on April 5, 2006
by Oddbjørn Engvold, General Secretary

Please, observe the deadline of April 9, 2006, for application to IAU Grants for Scientific Meetings of the XXVIth General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, August 14 - 25, 2006. These IAU grants are intended to cover in part expenses associated with attendance at the General Assembly. All grant applications, including those for Symposia, are to be submitted electronically to the IAU Secretariat .

With funding from the Peter Gruber Foundation the IAU will award two fellowships during the year 2006. Each fellowship amounts to USD 37,500 and will be given as a stipend covering travel, subsistence and research expenses during a postdoctoral appointment for a period which is typically of one year duration but may be extended to two years.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2006 .

Letter from Michèle Gerbaldi

Dear Colleague and Member of the IAU, 

As you have read in the IAU Information Bulletin IB97 , innovative actions during the next IAU General Assembly at Prague have been set up under the auspices of the Executive Committee, in order to stimulate networking opportunities between young astronomers and experienced astronomers of the community willing to foster young researchers.

Young astronomer is here someone with a Ph.D. obtained less than 3 years ago, or who is being accepted in a Ph.D. program.

Young astronomers may not at all be familiar with the IAU and even less with General Assemblies of the IAU. This mail is a request for your collaboration to publicize these actions in your country, in order to ensure a good representation of the young astronomers at this GA who can participate in the various scientific events, but first of all to take part to the Lunch-Debate on August 15th and to benefit from the Consulting Service throughout all the General Assembly. 

The young astronomers who are motivated to participate in the luncheon on August 15 are invited to register to it. This luncheon will allow young astronomers to meet with experienced astronomers from all disciplines of astronomy, with members of the IAU Executive Committee, representatives from ESA, ESO, NASA. The luncheon and the Consulting Service offered through the two weeks of the General Assembly will provide a unique opportunity for young astronomers to discuss their research, careers, and educational opportunities for Post-Doctoral positions, as well as employment opportunities.

Records of these discussions will be taken in order to have a follow up during the GA through the auspices of the Commission 46.

Astronomers who would be willing to meet with individuals or groups of young astronomers for consultations as described above, please contact Michèle Gerbaldi .

Please, observe the deadline of April 9, 2006 , for applications to IAU Grants that also are available to Young Astronomers.

For further information, please check here .