24-hour webcast from the largest telescopes

Some of the many different ground- and space-based observatories that are scheduled for the "100 Hours of Astronomy" research observatories webcast. From left to right, then top to bottom: XMM-Newton, Very Large Array (VLA), Hubble Space Telescope; James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, W. M. Keck Observatory, Gemini; Very Large Telescope (VLT), INTEGRAL, Chandra X-ray Observatory.


XMM-Newton/ESA; NRAO/AUI (Kelly Gatlin, Patricia Smiley); ESA/Hubble; Nik Szymanek; W. M. Keck Observatory, Polar Fine Arts/Gemini Observatory/National Science Foundation (Neelon Crawford), ESO, INTEGRAL/ESA/D. Ducros; Chandra X-ray Observatory/NASA.

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