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Cover of CAPjournal Issue #31
31 October 2022
CAPjournal Issue 31 Now Available

The 31st issue of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal (CAPjournal) is out now! In 2022 the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Looking back at 10 years of communicating astronomy with the public, the OAO sees CAPjournal as one of its most important initiatives, serving the community with international best practices in the field of outreach and public engagement with astronomy.

In the 31st issue, we present articles on the differences and similarities between outreach and education; on astronomy inclusion and accessibility in a variety of contexts; and on virtual reality tours that provide viewers with a much-needed sense of astronomical scale. All of this, and more, is featured in this free, peer-reviewed journal for astronomy communicators — available now for download.

The OAO is proud to continue the legacy of bringing CAPjournal to our community and into this new decade with a renewed and growing team in place. Keep an eye on the CAPjournal website for news updates in the coming months, or renew your subscription to CAPjournal.

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The IAU is the international astronomical organisation that brings together more than 12 000 active professional astronomers from more than 100 countries worldwide. Its mission is to promote and safeguard astronomy in all its aspects, including research, communication, education and development, through international cooperation. The IAU also serves as the internationally recognised authority for assigning designations to celestial bodies and the surface features on them. Founded in 1919, the IAU is the world’s largest professional body for astronomers.

The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) is a joint project of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). The mission of the OAO is to engage the public in astronomy through access to astronomical information and communication of the science of astronomy. This is implemented through a network of IAU National Outreach Coordinators (NOCs) and the IAU’s public engagement initiatives. The work of the OAO is about building bridges between the IAU and the global astronomy community of amateur astronomers, outreach professionals, educators, communicators, and the general public, and through international collaboration, to make the science of astronomy accessible to all.



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Cover of CAPjournal Issue #31