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17 September 2021
Results of votes on Resolutions at XXXI General Assembly Business Sessions

All Business Session elections and voting have been finalised for the XXXI General Assembly Business Sessions of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). We now have new names for the Special Nominating Committee (SNC), for the Membership Committee (MC) for the Finance Committee and for the Resolutions Committee

Four new Resolutions were adopted through subsequent online voting:

  1. Resolution B1 in support of the protection of geodetic radio astronomy against radio frequency interference

    1. 2409 (95.2%) voted in favour

    2. 12 (0.5%) voted against 

    3. 109 (4.3%) abstained

  2. Resolution B2 on the improvement of the Earth’s rotation theories and models.

    1. 2163 (85.5%) voted in favour

    2. 22 (0.9%) voted against 

    3. 345 (13.6%) abstained

  3. Resolution B3 on the Gaia Celestial Reference Frame.

    1. 2270 (89.7%) voted in favour

    2. 21 (0.8%) voted against 

    3. 239 (9.4%) abstained

  4. Resolution B4 on the use of a standard photometric system in ultraviolet (UV) astronomy.

    1. 2054 (81.2%) voted in favour

    2. 90 (3.6%) voted against 

    3. 386 (15.3%) abstained

French translations will appear on the IAU Resolutions page as soon as they are available. 

The scientific sessions of the XXXI General Assembly will take place in Busan in August 2022.

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