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List of Symposia selected for 2012

3 June 2011

1) Symposia to be held during the General Assembly (Beijing):

The Executive Committee and Division Presidents have exceptionally selected 8 Symposia (instead of the usual 6).

  1. IAUS 288 — Astrophysics from Antarctica
    Contact: Michael Burton, Australia
  2. IAUS 289 — Advancing the physics of cosmic distances
    Contact: Richard de Grijs, China
  3. IAUS 290 — Feeding compact objects: Accretion on all scales
    Contact: Zhang Chengmin, China
  4. IAUS 291 — Neutron stars and pulsars: Challenges and opportunities after 80 Years
    Contact: Richard Manchester, Australia
  5. IAUS 292 — Molecular Gas, Dust, and Star Formation in Galaxies
    Contact: Martin Bureau, UK
  6. IAUS 293 — Formation, detection, and characterization of extrasolar habitable planets
    Contact: Nader Highighipour, USA
  7. IAUS 294 — Solar and astrophysical dynamos and magnetic activity
    Contact: Alexander Kosovichev, USA
  8. IAUS 295 — The intriguing life of massive galaxies
    Contact: Daniel Thomas, UK

2) Symposium to be held outside the General Assembly:

  1. IAUS 287 — Cosmic masers - from OH to Ho
    Stellenbosch, South Africa (29/1-3/2/2012)
    Contact: Roy Booth, South Africa

Special Sessions and Joint Discussions for the General Assembly will be announced later.

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