Information Bulletin 98 now on-line

30 June 2006

The Information Bulletin n° 98 June 2006 is available here

Two new Pluto moons named by the IAU

26 June 2006

The two small Pluto moons with temporary designations S/2005 P 1 and S/2005 P 2, discovered in mid-May 2005 with the Hubble Space Telescope (Weaver et. al., IAUC 8625), have now been named respectively Hydra and Nix by the IAU.

In Greek mythology Nyx was the goddess of darkness and the night, a very appropriate name for a moon orbiting Pluto - the god of the underworld. To avoid confusion with the asteroid (3908) Nyx, the Egyptian spelling Nix was chosen. Hydra is the serpent with nine heads that guarded the underworld.


Kaare Aksnes
Chairman of the Division III Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature

29th ISYAs

26 June 2006

The 29th International School for Young Astronomers will be held in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi) from 6 to 24 March 2007.


You will find more information here.

A tour in your new Website

3 February 2006

We are pleased to welcome our members to the new IAU website and invite them to take a tour of this new tool.  Information contained has been ordered in a comprehensive way, in order to allow you to discover the wide range of activities of our Union.

This new website will allow smooth communication with National Members, Division and Commission Presidents, and Individual Members, with the introduction of appropriate restricted areas accessible with logins composed of a username and a password which have been e-mailed.  However, it might be that the e-mail address which has been used is not valid, or that we have no e-mail address at all.  In case you did not receive your login, please contact the IAU by clicking the tab “Contact us” of the horizontal menu and ask for your login.

IAU Individual Members who visit the website are invited to immediately log in:  not only will they find general information displayed in the “restricted Area” clicking the tab on the vertical menu, in particular a complete list of “Important dates and deadlines”, but they also will be offered the possibility to check and, eventually, to amend their personal data on-line.

We shall be grateful receiving any comments or remarks which may help improving the website.

The website is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer, but it shall also work properly for the latest versions of most commonly used browsers (latest browser versions are especially needed to use the dynamic forms).


Oddbjørn Engvold, General Secretary.

Information Bulletin 97 now on-line!

26 January 2006

The Information Bulletin n° 97 (Special Issue) November 2005 is available here.

This Information Bulletin (IB) combines information for the XXVIth  General Assembly (GA) and the regular IB.

We are proud to present to you a rich scientific menu of the XXVIth General Assembly. As a participant of the GA you will be able to pick and choose from a rich scientifc program of six Symposia, seventeen Joint Discussions and seven Special Sessions organized by foremost experts over the wide field of astronomy. In addition, four outstanding speakers will each present their overviews of their own research field in Invited Discourses.

All about IAU General Assemblies

26 January 2006

All Information regarding IAU General Assemblies and especially next General Assembly in Prague can be found here.

Scientific Programme for the XXVIth General Assembly, Prague

26 January 2006

The complete programme of the XXVIth IAU General Assembly is here

Redefinition of Coordinated Universal Time

26 January 2006

The International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunication Bureau has requested the assistance of IAU Members "to document their experiences, both positive and negative" in dealing with the insertion of the leap second on December 31, 2005.

Please send any contribution to Dennis McCarthy, President of Division I Working Group on Redefinition of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). The Working Group will prepare a draft response for consideration by the IAU.

Dennis McCarthy
President of IAU Working Group on Redefinition of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

Future IAU Scientific Meetings

26 January 2006

All the future scientific meetings of the IAU are available here.

The Peter Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize 2005

30 June 2005

The 2005 Cosmology Prize of The Peter Gruber Foundation is presented to James Gunn, Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy at Princeton University Observatory.

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