IAU Special Sessions (GA)

SpS2: Cosmic evolution of groups and clusters of galaxies

Start date/time

August 20, 2012

End date/time

August 24, 2012


China Nanjing


Jan Vrtilek

Coordinating Division

Division XI Space & High Energy Astrophysics

SOC Co-Chairs: Jan M. Vrtilek (United States), Laurence P. David (United States)

SOC Members: Monique Arnaud (France), Paulo Lopes (Brazil), D. J. Saikia (India), Omar Lopez-Cruz (Mexico), Eugene Churazov (Russian Federation), Sabine Schindler (Austria), Diana Worrall (United Kingdom), Matthew Colless (Australia), Noam Soker (Israel), Manolis Plionis (Greece), Yipeng Jing (China Nanjing), Jeremy Lim (China Nanjing)

Editors of Proceedings: Jan Vrtilek (United States), Laurence David (United States)


  • Cluster Surveys
  • Structure formation: Comparison between observations and simulations
  • Cluster and group mass measurements (X-ray, optical, and lensing)
  • Gas Mass Fraction and Missing Baryons
  • Cooling and AGN Feedback
  • Star Formation in the Central Dominant Galaxy in Clusters
  • Chemical Enrichment over Cosmic Times
  • Radio halos (mini, large-scale, relics)
  • Impact of new radio observatories (LOFAR, ALMA, SKA)
  • Clusters as laboratories for studying the effects of environment on galaxy evolution

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