Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10510 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
Vittone, Alberto Angelo Italy Italy
Vittorio, Nicola Italy Italy
Vityazev, Andrej V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Vityazev, Veniamin V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Vivas, Anna Katherina Venezuela Venezuela
Vivekanand, M. India India
Vivekananda, Rao India India
Vives, Teodoro Jose Spain Spain
Vlachos, Demetrius G. Greece Greece
Vladilo, Giovanni Italy Italy
Vlahakis, Catherine E Chile Chile
Vlahakis, Nektarios Greece Greece
Vlahos, Loukas Greece Greece
Vlasyuk, Valerij Russian Federation Russian Federation
Vlemmings, Wouter Henricus Theodorus Sweden Sweden
Völk, Heinrich J. Germany Germany
Voelzke, Marcos Rincon Brazil Brazil
Vogel, Stuart Newcombe United States United States
Voges, Wolfgang H. Germany Germany
Vogt, Nikolaus Chile Chile
Vogt, Steven Scott United States United States
Voigt, Hans H. Germany Germany
Voit, Gerard Mark United States United States
Voitenko, Yuriy M. Belgium Belgium
Voitsekhovska, Anna Ukraine Ukraine
Vokrouhlicky, David Czech Republic Czech Republic
Volk, Kevin United States United States
Volkmer, Reiner Germany Germany
Volkov, Evgeni V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Vollmer, Bernd France France
Volonte, Sergio France France
Volonteri, Marta France France
Voloschuk, Yuri I. Ukraine Ukraine
Volo'shina, Irina B. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Volvach, Alexander Ukraine Ukraine
Volyanska, Margaryta Canada Ukraine
von Borzeszkowski, H. H. Germany Germany
von Braun, Kaspar United States United States
von der Lühe, Oskar Germany Germany
von Hippel, Theodore A. United States United States
von Steiger, Rudolf Switzerland Switzerland
Vondrák, Jan Czech Republic Czech Republic
Vorobyov, Eduard I. Austria Austria
Voronkov, Maxim Australia Australia
Voroshilov, Volodymyr I. Ukraine Ukraine
Vorpahl, Joan A. United States United States
Voshchinnikov, Nikolai V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Votruba, Viktor Czech Republic Czech Republic
Vrba, Frederick J. United States United States
Vreux, Jean Marie Belgium Belgium
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