Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10159 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
Tilanus, Remo P.J. Netherlands Netherlands
Timothy, J. Gethyn United States United States
Tingay, Steven J. Australia Australia
Tinney, Christopher G. Australia Australia
Tiplady, Adrian John South Africa South Africa
Tipler, Frank Jennings United States United States
Tiscareno, Matthew Steven United States United States
Tissera, Patricia B. Argentina Argentina
Tisserand , Patrick Australia Australia
Title, Alan Morton United States United States
Titov, Oleg A. Australia Australia
Titov, Vladimir Borisovich Russian Federation Russian Federation
Tiuri, Martti Finland Finland
Tlatov, Andrej G. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Tobias, Steven M. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Tobin, William France France
Todt, Helge Germany Germany
Tody, Douglas C. United States United States
Tofani, Gianni Italy Italy
Toffolatti, Luigi Spain Spain
Toft, Sune Denmark Denmark
Tohline, Joel Edward United States United States
Tokarev, Yurij V. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Tokovinin, Andrei A. Chile Chile
Tokunaga, Alan Takashi United States United States
Tolbert, Charles R. United States United States
Toller, Gary N. United States United States
Tolstoy, Eline Netherlands Netherlands
Tomasella, Lina Italy Italy
Tomasko, Martin G. United States United States
Tomczak, Michal Poland Poland
TOMIMATSU , Akira Japan Japan
TOMINAGA, Nozomu Japan Japan
TOMISAKA , Kohji Japan Japan
Tomita, Akihiko Japan Japan
TOMITA, Kenji Japan Japan
Tommei, Giacomo Italy Italy
Tomov, Nikolai A. Bulgaria Bulgaria
Tomov, Toma Poland Poland
Tonry, John United States United States
Tonwar, Suresh C. India India
Toomre, Alar United States United States
Toomre, Juri United States United States
Topaktas, Latif A. Turkey Turkey
Torkelsson, Ulf J. Sweden Sweden
Tormen, Giuseppe Italy Italy
Tornambe, Amedeo Italy Italy
Tornikoski, Merja T. Finland Finland
Török, Gabriel Czech Republic Czech Republic
Torra, Jordi Spain Spain
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