Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10593 Individual Members.

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Member Location NCA adherence
HIRAMATSU, Masaaki Japan Japan
HIRANO , Naomi China Taipei China Taipei
HIRAO , Takanori Japan Japan
HIRASHITA , Hiroyuki AA-Country unknown AA-Country unknown
HIRATA , Ryuko Japan Japan
HIRAYAMA , Tadashi Japan Japan
Hiriart, David Mexico Mexico
HIROKO , Nagahara Japan Japan
HIROMOTO , Norihisa Japan Japan
HIROSE, Shigenobu Japan Japan
HIROTA , Tomoya Japan Japan
Hirschi, Raphael United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hirth, Wolfgang Ernst Germany Germany
Hirv, Anti Estonia Estonia
Hjalmarsdotter, Linnea Russian Federation Russian Federation
Hjalmarson, Ake G. Sweden Sweden
Hjorth, Jens Denmark Denmark
Hledík, Stanislav Czech Republic Czech Republic
Hnatyk, Bohdan Ivanovych Ukraine Ukraine
Ho, Luis Chi United States United States
Ho, Paul T.P. United States United States
Ho, Wynn United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hoang, Binh Dy France France
Hoard, Donald W. United States United States
Hoare, Melvin G. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hobbs, David Sweden Sweden
Hobbs, George Australia Australia
Hobbs, Lewis M. United States United States
HOBIGER, Thomas Japan Japan
Hochedez, Jean-François E. France France
Hockey, Thomas Arnold United States United States
Hodapp, Klaus Werner United States United States
Hodge, Paul W. United States United States
Hoeflich, Peter United States United States
Höfner, Susanne Sweden Sweden
Høg, Erik Denmark Denmark
Hoeksema, Jon Todd United States United States
Hoekstra, Hendrik Netherlands Netherlands
Hönig, Sebastian F Denmark Denmark
Hoessel, John Greg United States United States
Hoey, Michael J. Ireland Ireland
Hoffman, Jeffrey Alan United States United States
Hoffmann, Martin Germany Germany
Hofmann, Wilfried Germany Germany
Hofner, Peter United States United States
Hogan, Craig J. United States United States
Högbom, Jan A. Sweden Sweden
Hogg, David E. United States United States
Hohenkerk, Catherine Y. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hojaev, Alisher S. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
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