Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10157 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
Bennett, David Paul United States United States
Bennett, Jim A. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bennett, Philip D. Canada Canada
Bensammar, Slimane France France
Bensby, Thomas L. Sweden Sweden
Benson, James Arthur United States United States
Bentley, Robert D. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bentz, Misty Cherie United States United States
Benvenuti, Piero Italy Italy
Benvenuto, Omar Argentina Argentina
Benz, Arnold O. Switzerland Switzerland
Benz, Willy Switzerland Switzerland
Berczik, Peter Ukraine Ukraine
Berdnikov, Leonid N. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Berdyugin, Andrei V. Finland Finland
Berdyugina, Svetlana V. Finland Finland
Berendzen, Richard United States United States
Berg, Richard A. United States United States
Bergeat, Jacques Georges France France
Berger, Jean-Philippe Chile Chile
Berger, Mitchell United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bergeron, Jacqueline A. France France
Bergeron, Pierre Canada Canada
Berghmans, David Belgium Belgium
Bergin, Edwin A. United States United States
Bergman, Per Sweden Sweden
Bergstralh, Jay T. United States United States
Bergström, Lars Sweden Sweden
Bergvall, Nils Ake Sigvard Sweden Sweden
Berkefeld, Thomas Germany Germany
Berkhuijsen, Elly M. Germany Germany
Berlicki, Arkadiusz Poland Poland
Berman, Robert Hiram United States United States
Berman, Vladimir United States United States
Bernabeu, Guillermo Spain Spain
Bernacca, Pierluigi Italy Italy
Bernardi, Fabrizio Italy Italy
Bernardini, Federico United States Italy
Bernat, Andrew Plous United States United States
Berrilli, Francesco Italy Italy
Berruyer-Desirotte, Nicole France France
Bersier, David United Kingdom United Kingdom
Berta, Stefano Germany Germany
Bertaux, Jean-Loup France France
Bertelli, Gianpaolo Italy Italy
Bertello, Luca United States United States
Berthier, Jerôme France France
Berthomieu, Gabrielle France France
Bertin, Giuseppe Italy Italy
Bertola, Francesco Italy Italy
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